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Northland  Youth Choir - Fairbanks, Alaska

Our Sponsors

The Northland Youth Choir thanks the following businesses and individuals for their generous support this season:

2017-2018 Financial Contributors

Soloists’ Circle: $1000 and above
Bob and Melissa Downes
Marion G. Weeks Foundation

Choristers’ Circle: $500-$999
Clymer, Hall, and Davis

Musicians’ Circle: $250-$499
Carl & Ruth Benson
Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, Inc.
Turtles, Inc.

Singers’ Circle: $100-$249
Myles A. Comeau
Jim Dixon & Barbara Day
Greer Tank and Welding
Jim & Barb Hameister
Bethany Harbison
George Horner Trust/Joann Horner TTE
Arlayne D. Knox
Frank & DA McGilvary
Dr. W. Lee Payne

Performers’ Circle: UP TO $99
Marijo Larson

In Kind Gifts:
Tracie Cogdill
First United Methodist Church
University Park Bible Church
Princess Tours